Sunday, 1 May 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I created a soundscape using garageband to accompany my poetic memoir.  The soundscape helps to evoke the emotions I feel in that place, doing things with my special people.

I learnt that soundscapes create emotions. These are the instruments I used: tambourine, drummer, drums, shaker, guitar. I chose the tambourine because I wanted it to sound happy, I used the drummer to keep the rhythm. I used the drum to keep the beat. I used the shakers to make the wind. My learning is relational because I can use musical elements to create the intended mood or emotion to support a story, poem or picture.

My next step is to teach others to create music showing mood/emotion.

This is my soundscape:


  1. I like the information and puncheration and how you know your next steps😀🇳🇿

  2. awesome bRAYDEN

  3. Good detail and story by the way I like you back round