Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Everything is free

Have you ever really wanted something that your parents didn't let you have?  Imagine if everything was free and you didn't have to buy anything. Imagine if it didn’t run out, you wouldn’t have to work for money, you wouldn’t have to do chores, everything was free! How good would that be?

Have you ever wanted something but your parents said no it costs too much. They didn't let you have it. Was it a device such as a PlayStation you wanted? Imagine if everything was free … you could have it. 

Do you have to do chores to earn money? It takes a long time to save up that measly couple of bucks to get your special something you’ve been working hard for. Imagine if you didn’t have to do chores anymore. You could get something you wanted and you wouldn’t have to do chores to get money. You wouldn’t have to keep on begging your parents can I get this? Can I get that? It would be a lot easier on you and far less annoying.

Have you ever  wanted to go somewhere in the world like Disneyland or the theme parks at the Gold Coast? Well you could because you wouldn't have to keep on asking you parents “Can we go on a trip, can we go on a trip, can we go on a trip.” What is so annoying is most of the time you can't because your parents can not afford to pay for a fancy trip to the Gold Coast simply because they don’t have enough money.  Imagine if everything was free. You could take some time off school without spending a single penny, it would feel so good to have some time to relax because you wouldn't have to pay for flights, you wouldn't have to pay to go to the theme parks, or pay for food.

Yay everything is free I'm going to buy a PlayStation, some Lego, an iPad, computer, and a tv.  See you later - yay!

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