Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reflection of my speech

The parts of my speech I enjoyed were the fourth paragraph. That was the bit I was most proud of because I did the most work on it.
The challenges I encountered while speech writing were thinking of the topic and getting my ideas.  I overcame these challenges by thinking of a topic and thinking of an example but it took a while to think about.  Overall I feel impressed with the way my speech was written because I worked really hard on it and did my best work.

As I practised reading my speech out loud I tried to work on my volume and tried to not get embarrassed.  I think I did the following things well as I presented my speech to the class - I think I had the right volume and good eye contact and I didn't get embarrassed.
I was challenged to speak in front of the class.  I overcame this by going up and doing my speech.  Overall I feel pretty happy about the presentation of my speech because I worked really hard to get the volume great and to not get embarrassed.

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