Sunday, 9 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I enjoyed over the past 2 terms of discovery time were making the flextangles and learning how to do scratch.  The challenges I encountered during discovery time was teaching football and getting people to play.  I overcame these challenges by getting people to come and play, by going inside and asking people come and play football.  The new skills I learned during discovery time were teaching other kids to play football.  

The key competencies I have been challenged by are making decisions, planning ahead and being responsible. I tried to overcome these challenges by trying to get everybody to agree on the same idea and trying to get organised before I do stuff.  When I went outside I was being responsible.  The key competencies I improved on were planning ahead because every time I did an activity I planned what I should do before I did it.

I feel pretty impressed with myself and what I have discovered. I am looking forward to discovering new stuff in Term 4.

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