Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science week 8

This week we were learning about the onager and the trebuchet. We tried to notice the similarities and the differences between them both.

We learnt that the onager uses twisted rope power to fire the projectile. We noticed that the projectile that got fired from the onager didn't go as high as the trebuchet and it also didn't go as far as the trebuchet. We also noticed that the onager went a lot faster than the trebuchet. The trebuchet’s arm was much longer and it was powered by weights.

The similarities are that with both you need to pull the trigger to fire the projectile because if you don't pull the trigger it won't fire. They both have a sling for the projectile to rest before it fires the projectile, because if they didn't the arm of the catapult would swing back towards your face. They are both made of wood so they are both quite strong and won't break easily.

In conclusion we think that the trebuchet can shoot a projectile much higher but the onager can go much faster. So we think that the onager goes faster because it has a shorter arm and has more power to shoot. The trebuchet has a longer arm because it's more likely to shoot over walls.

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