Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you noticed that brothers and sisters fight over the most boringest things, such as pushing the button on the traffic lights to cross?

For example every time we walk pass a traffic light, we fight over who gets to press the button to cross the road. We keep on fighting until someone wins and presses the button. After someone does, we notice that you can keep pressing the button and we still keep fighting to press the button until we have to cross, and the thing is this happens every time we go to cross at the lights. It's like a natural reaction to be the one to push the button. 

Here's another example, every single time we get to on electronics like iPad or something, we all fight over who gets to play the PS4. This argument is important because we only have one controller for the PS4 so, this turns into a bigger fight than the traffic light and. The thing is that most of the time if you get it, you get told to get off because you had a big fight over it and. You aren't allowed on it for the rest of the day just because all of us had a fight over it. As I said before it's like a natural reaction to fight to see who gets the PS4. All I’m going to say is that it gets so annoying when we are get told off and we aren't allowed to play it anymore.

Let's just move on to another example like every time we go in the elevator, even though we don't go in them much we fight over who gets to push the button and the thing is after one of us pushes the button most of the time we end up pushing all of the buttons. It gets so annoying because we have to go on every level and we have to wait for ages until we get to the level we need to. And also when we are waiting to get to the level we have a fight over trying to blame who pushed the button on someone else.

In conclusion I have noticed that brothers and sisters fight over pretty much any little thing that is not that important. I think it’s because most of the time there is only one of the thing that you fight over.

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